Security Update

We hope to add extra cameras to the school security system in the near future. It will enhance our full 360 degree coverage of the exterior of the building. We have also upgraded the exterior lighting at the front of the building.

We await the promised street lighting from Sligo County Council which should improve the situation on the public approach to the premises.


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Parents Association Newsletter

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From Sixth class down to Juniors everyone has been doing Zumba with Amanda. Thanks for the fun and it’s a lot harder than the children make it look. Check out the videos below.

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Kahoot: Making Learning Awesome

We are expanding the use of Kahoot throughout the school. This is a learning platform that allows teachers to use an interactive quiz to expand on a topic or check on the learning that has already taken place. Revision with benefits!

You can check out how it works here



See Kahoot in action below.



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Carol Service and Surprise Visitor.

Thanks to the Parents Association for the “best party ever”. Santa was a wonderful surprise enjoyed by children young and not so young.

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Class Dojo Launch

We have launched Class Dojo throughout the school. We have 90% parental connection.We are currently running at an average of 900 interactions per week. This is where we post something and you view, like or comment on the post. Contrast that with this site which has a 30 day average of 4 page impressions!

The Dojo app is free on iOS and Android. You can keep up to date with your child’s daily activity from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. For mobile devices you can turn off notifications or set quiet times when Dojo won’t disturb you. You can message the teacher but please be aware that teachers do not get messages outside of school hours so it may be the next day before they see your message.

Teachers use both laptops and their personal mobile devices to upload video or pictures to the Dojo. They can also add Dojo points for good behaviour in the yard. Should you be passing by and see a teacher with phone in hand, it’s a good bet that someone is getting a Dojo point for being a good friend or just for general good behaviour.

As always we rely on parental support to help us encourage good behaviour. We can only encourage the correct behaviour in class and on the yard but as partners in the education process the ground work is laid at home, by taking an interest in the Dojo you are helping us to build the school community and to maintain the standards that we hold. We want to thank everyone for making the launch a success and hope that the enhanced communication will lead to the continued shared experience for all of us here in school and you watching from work or home.

The children can also change their individual monster using the student side of the app.

Please be aware that the Dojo app is free and does run into the odd bug here or there. It is best to keep it updated as the developers are continually improving the experience. It is not limited to parents, if you wish another family member to be involved then let us know and we will connect them.

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Texaco Children’s Art 2016

Miss McNulty’s Class with their entries for the competition.

20160224_094107 20160224_094756 20160224_094743 20160224_094642 20160224_094523 20160224_094451 20160224_094351 20160224_094230

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PA Survey

The PA want to gather some info on the skills you might have that could help us out with the planning of future extra curricular activities. We appreciate that everyone can’t attend meetings all the time- so this way you can still let us know your interests and availability and we can contact you if there is something we think would be of interest to you. Remember – every little helps! Thanks.
Complete the survey here
NOTE: Your responses are not visible to others and are secured on a password protected site only accessible by Committee Members of the Parents Association 2015/2016. Your data will not be used for any purpose other than informing Parents Association activities.
The Board of Management of St. Patrick’s National School Maugherow are not responsible for data you may give to third party websites and our Data Protection Policy does not extend to sites beyond our control.
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PA Bag Pack in Super Valu Grange on Easter Sunday


The Parents Association are having a bag pack to raise funds for the maintenance of the boats used for the VEC sailing course, to ensure that every child will have a chance to participate in this activity in the senior classes. We need 3 people per time slot as there are 3 tills to be manned. Please enter your full name and tick the time slot that you are available for.

You can sign up for a slot here

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Grandparent’s Day 2016

IMG_20160204_140148076IMG_1276 IMG_20160204_140132022 IMG_20160204_140143245 IMG_20160204_140112332 IMG_20160204_140105187 IMG_20160204_140057976 IMG_20160204_140051501 IMG_20160204_140043713 IMG_20160204_140034757_HDR IMG_20160204_140009517_HDR IMG_20160204_140019877 IMG_20160204_140002214 IMG_20160204_135955837 IMG_20160204_135948531 IMG_20160204_135941289_HDR IMG_20160204_135935381 IMG_20160204_135928297 IMG_20160204_135915761 IMG_20160204_135850096 IMG_20160204_135843107 IMG_20160204_135836368 IMG_20160204_135831106 IMG_20160204_135815319 IMG_20160203_131859823_HDR IMG_20160203_131841199_HDR IMG_20160203_131823154_HDR IMG_20160203_131808391_HDR IMG_20160203_131759068_HDR IMG_20160203_131700727

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